About Us

Nia’s Novelties

About Us

Who Are You?

Nia’s Novelties is a Christian-centered jewelry brand that is seeking to spread love and the Good News. 

Our Mission & Vision

To spread love, faith and encouragement through the Word of God.

What do you sell?

We sell bracelets and anklets, which you can find in the Shop section.

What does that saying you have mean?

We have two mottos: "Let your light shine for all to see" and "Be the novelty you were born to be", we aim to remind you to let the works that you do for the Lord shine their brightest, glorifying Him in the process (Matthew 5:16); to show those who know not how great He is. 

Novelty: "The quality of being new or original."

We strive to encourage and remind you to be the unique and wonderfully made creation that God has made you to be.

 He so carefully and personally molded you with His own hands.